Buying bitcoins with Paypal

Are you finding it hard to buy bitcoins online with Paypal? Buying bitcoins with Paypal can be a difficult and convoluted process involving third party websites like Virwox and a ridiculous amount of fees or dangerous considering. Things changed rencetly when Paypal quietly announced support for digital goods and services like Bitcoins. Buying bitcoins with Paypal from unapproved vendors can lead to your Paypal account being limited or shut down. is a verified and approved Paypal vendor. Buy bitcoins safely with Buyers Protection on your Paypal account.

Buying bitcoins with credit and debit cards

Buying bitcoins with credit cards and debit cards is more difficult due to the high risk of credit card fraud and chargebacks related to bitcoin purchases. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible and so buying bitcoins with stolen credit cards is a favorite method of online scammers.

Buying bitcoins with prepaid debit and gift cards

One of the safest and easiest ways to buy bitcoins online is using gift cards and codes such as Amazon, iTunes and other nationally recognized gift card brands.